Typologie du Virtuel

Images in this series were taken from buildings in suburban areas, and modeled in 3D by Google Earth users seeking to leave a trace in the digital world. Thibault Brunet collects fragments of this virtual world – shopping centers, public social housing, and seats of large commercial firms – that belong to a global architectural typology, unrelated to the territory itself. By adding a drop shadow defined with the date and time of its creation, the artist anchors these fragments to a specific moment and location. He re-contextualizes the image by connecting it to its creator’s action, and thus it becomes a new link in a collective creative chain. With the title of his series, a cataloguing principle devoid of personal expression, and a composition dictated by a fixed procedure, Thibault Brunet refers to « anonymous sculptures » or the « typology of industrial buildings » made by the photographers Bernt and Illa Becher.
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