Etant Donnés Residency : Soleil Noir

Residency in collaboration with Aperture Foundation
March – June 2018
Soleil Noir (Black Sun) is a new photographic research project inspired by historical public commissions such as heliographic mission, the DATAR or the ESF. This project aims to observe and analyze the specific terrain of the United States, with its endless lands and distant horizons. Brunet is interested in the territory as itself and its occupation. He programs a topographical exploration inspired by science fiction and a questioning of photographical objectivity as a reflection on virtuality.
The main partner of Thibault Brunet’s residency will be the Aperture Foundation. Brunet is proposing a new frame of reference based on a “machine of vision”, which echoes the first shots in the room: the device is heavy, while exposure to the camera angle is long and reveals the narrative potential of the image by showing the passage of time.