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Reliefs / Territoires Circonscrits

Relief 40 from Brunet Thibault on Vimeo. Relief 29 from Brunet Thibault on Vimeo. Relief 11 from Brunet Thibault on Vimeo. Relief 38 from Brunet Thibault on Vimeo.

avril 7, 2018


Typologie du Virtuel

Images in this series were taken from buildings in suburban areas, and modeled in 3D by Google Earth users seeking to leave a trace in the digital world. Thibault Brunet collects fragments of this virtual world – shopping centers, public social housing, and seats of large commercial firms – that belong…

mars 19, 2016


Territoires Circonscrits

The « Territoires Circonscrits » project is a photographic research inspired by public commissions, such as the mission héliographique, DATAR and the FSE. It brought me to the coast of northern France with a three-dimensional scanner to record 360 degrees of the environment, and create an image which is similar to virtual…

mars 18, 2016


Vice City

The Vice City collection deals with landscape. In the video games, it holds a secondary role, set as a simple background for the plot. The slow motion of my walks led me to explore the spaces that are usually forgotten by players. The pictures show side spaces, barren and industrialized…

mars 16, 2016



All affirm our guesses that the images are of the Middle East and the time period is present day. But despite the clear signposts, Brunet’s pictures turn out to be indefinite and ambiguous. It comes not only as a surprise, but also as an explanation to learn that the ambiguity…

mars 15, 2016